IRAN: Subject to Change

IRAN, Subject to Change

The historical, cultural, political and religious depth of this ancient Persian culture paralleled with its 21st century technological emancipation and its religious fundamentalism, create dualities expressed in every-day-life contradictions. The multi-faceted and intricate layers of life in Iran require much time spent inside of the society in order to observe, understand and then photograph the nuances of daily minutiae as portrayed in the life of individuals. These enthralling dichotomies create captivating fascination, albeit bordering on semi-blinding false romanticism.

Iran is just like a story…poetically narrated with its past profoundly present in its future, illustrated in vividly saturated colors alongside complex black-hued agendas, political propaganda, religious fundamentalism and imprisonment of non-conformist thoughts.

Iran is a contradiction…its society living a double life– religious and secular, traditionally Iranian yet with consumerist attraction to Western life-style, fundamentally rigid yet also reformist, highly emancipated and educated. It’s a life of family privacy and openness, and a life of sophisticated blending into the masses of obedient followers. It’s a country of deeply respected customs and rules where clerical conservatism battles modernism and where ‘westernization’ is an outlawed term.

It’s a country of large economic discrepancies and highly revered family ties; with university-educated housewives, with women scared to be photographed, yet also with women who with fashionably colorful scarves worn inched backward and short-cut manteaus closely outlining their bosoms and hips are leading an uncoordinated but highly visible and effective revolution.